The Kitchen Table Collective began informally as a group of friends meeting to discuss our creative projects around founding member Alexia’s kitchen table. The ethos of the collective considered the kitchen table as a gathering site, encouraging the exchange of ideas and spirit of community; An informal forum for discussion, a site for making, collaborating, and conversation.

As a collective we were active for three years from 2014-2017, based mostly in London and a little in Paris and New Zealand. We collaborated with makers and writers across Europe and produced a series of projects including the independent publication Pain Perdu/French Toast. Issue 2: Origines / Origins is currently stocked at Rosa Wolf in Berlin and online at HYFR Art.


Pain Perdu/French Toast Issue 2 Launch Exhibition: Origines/Origins. Leyden Gallery, London, UK, and Raum B, Berlin.

Pain Perdu/French Toast Issue 1 Launch. Actes D'amour/Acts of Love. Galerie Simple, Paris, France.

We Are: New Stories on Immigration. Ugly Duck Project Space, London, UK.

1x Tab Breakfast, no mushroom, poached egg, 1 x sides- sausage: New Stories from the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle Gallery, London, UK.